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Affordable Business Continuity for SME’s

Affordable Business Continuity for SME’s 1024 411 Vaughan

Ensuring the security of your data and assets is a crucial concern in today’s digital world. In the event of catastrophe, having a robust backup and disaster recovery plan is key. ZEN’s Business Continuity offering is a hybrid back-up solution that links your on-premises infrastructure to a secure Australian based Data Centre. This leading-edge technology ensures that your data remains secure and accessible, even in the event of a natural disaster or hardware failure. Significantly, all data stays on-shore in…

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Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System?

Cyber security – Why you should use an Internet Content management System? 509 203 Vaughan

Recently, one of the nation’s top cyber security officials has warned that “tens of thousands” of Australian companies may have been compromised by Chinese intelligence services’ hacking of major global technology firms. That hack may have been sophisticated or simple, but there are simple steps that every business and every individual can take to make themselves safer online. Cyber security is about risk management. You can’t eliminate risk, but you can strengthen your defences to reduce the likelihood of…

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Competitive Internet Plans for Business

Competitive Internet Plans for Business 1024 411 Vaughan

Get cost-effective enterprise-grade connectivity to the Internet through Fibre400 or Fibre1000. ZEN’s symmetric fibre-optic plans can be tailored to meet your connectivity and business requirements. You can dedicate all bandwidth to just Internet or split it however you like across data, Internet, voice or cloud services. With 1000Mbps, you’ll be future proofing your business performance. Our customers have been extremely happy with the speed of this product, to understand the speed in ‘real-world’ operations. The size of a typical movie…

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How to protect against e-mail (and other) scams

How to protect against e-mail (and other) scams 1024 411 Vaughan

Scammers are using increasingly varied and sophisticated attempts to get your money or personal details. Scams succeed because they look like the real thing and catch you off guard when you’re not expecting it. For example below is a scam e-mail – the link to ‘View full invoice details’ connects to a malicious payload. Scam attacks can take many forms: Scammers can hack e-mails, monitor correspondence, and then attempt to get an organisation to pay for an order into a…

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What you need to know about Network Security

What you need to know about Network Security 509 203 Vaughan

Network Security is a concern that must be taken into consideration if you own a business whether big or small. Network security means the protection of your data and network using both hardware and software technologies. You can easily manage the access to your network by using a network security technology. The cost to recover from a network security breach can be really high for small and medium business owners. So it’s extremely important for small and medium enterprises to…

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How to use safe Passwords for online accounts

How to use safe Passwords for online accounts 509 203 Vaughan

Today we live in a password dependent world where all the information is protected by passwords. The access to all the information depends on passwords. A password is a secret key to all of our accounts from emails to social media to bank accounts. Whether we want to access our important information or trade online we make use of passwords to login into our accounts. Password security is the most common problem for security of online accounts. The problem with…

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How to protect against Ransomware

How to protect against Ransomware 509 203 Vaughan

  Business, especially small ones are the primary target of various ransomware attacks. You might ask “But what is ransomware?” And “how does it affect my business?”  What is ransomware? Ransomware is any piece of malicious software that is inserted into a host computer via an executable file. This is done either through automated bot software written specifically to inject ransomware into a system or by sending a malicious ransomware file to an unsuspecting user. Ransomware, once executed, blocks access…

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How to enhance your business security

How to enhance your business security 509 203 Vaughan

Business security is one of the most important areas of a business. If you are running a small company then you might have invested in the security for your business. Cyber criminals target small and medium businesses as they are the ones that frequently having fewer security measures in place. What security measures have you deployed to protect your business? How can you enhance your business security without spending much on the same? We at Zero Effort Networking an IT…

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How small businesses can reduce IT costs

How small businesses can reduce IT costs 509 203 Vaughan

Technology is upgrading itself with each passing day.  Every day the next best thing replaces the latest technology systems and applications. The latest applications that companies buy for business become outdated within a few months. Keeping your business updated with the latest technology requires time to time investment in technology as the cost of being outdated is far more than being updated. But you don’t need to increase your expenses on IT to remain updated. You can be technologically updated…

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Importance of cloud for small business

Importance of cloud for small business 509 203 Vaughan

There are many challenges that small enterprises face during their initial period of starting the business. One of them is the lack of resources. Usually, companies that start up with a handful of employees who are assigned all the tasks like web hosting, data storage, communication, payroll, collaboration and much more.  A stage comes when the tasks become too much for the employees. That is where the need for cloud arises. Cloud offers a plethora of benefits to small and…

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