• June 24, 2017

Why you should use an internet content management system?

Why you should use an internet content management system?

Why you should use an internet content management system? 509 203 Vaughan

In today’s world, internet is the most useful resource for business and other day to day activities.  The internet is used for a variety of purposes such as research, education, business applications and communication. It is used by students for research, education and communication purposes while organizations use the internet for their daily business activities.

If you are running a business organization you need an Internet content management (ICM) system to check the inappropriate usage of Internet by your employees. An ICM system lets you control the usage of Internet only for the business related processes. It offers you the protection tools for filtering of content and reporting capabilities.

Your employees need to follow the Internet usage policy to make sure that the Internet is used for business purposes only. Unmanaged access to the Internet often leads to loss of productivity, excessive data usage, inappropriate downloads and risk of viruses and malware.

For the proper management of internet access and usage, you need to introduce an internet content management system which enables you to track, control and manage internet usage in your organization.  An ICM system lets you monitor all the online activities of your employees including browsing, sharing and downloading. It lets you limit the access of internet only to business-related websites which in turn helps you to increase and maintain the productivity of your employees.

Not only the business organizations but parents can also use the Internet content management system to monitor and limit the usage of Internet by their children. Parents can block the websites containing non-educational and inappropriate content for children.

An internet management system helps you to check how much time your employees spend on work and not work related websites. You can also completely block the non-work related websites like sites containing adult content and social media websites.

Internet content management system also helps you track the work done by your employees and their productivity on an hourly or daily basis. ICM systems also help you keep your company’s intellectual property safe which is one of the biggest assets of your company. You can restrict your employees from saving information on external storage devices like flash drive and memory chips. You can also prevent them from sharing or deleting your company’s data files or sending them over emails.

Internet content management system also helps you check your employees using chat clients and instant Messengers. You can block chat clients and instant messages to prevent the wastage of time and maintain the productivity of your employees. ICM systems also prevent your employees from downloading music and video files thereby preventing the unauthorized use of data. Internet management system sends you a report of all the files downloaded by your employees.

Internet management system also protects the company’s valuable data from outside threats and attacks as they prevent your employees to open the malicious websites and links. They also prevent your employees from downloading files containing viruses and malware and protect your computer from cyber-attacks.

Some Internet content management systems even check the online activities of users while traveling outside and provide reports containing details like domain name, URL, date and time of access. Employers and administrators receive the report as email notifications when any of the employees try to override or exploit the Internet usage policy of the company.

These are just a few ways how ICM systems can help you. We at Zero Effort Networking offer IT services in Sydney and its surroundings. If you are located in Sydney or surrounding areas, you can contact us for internet management systems or any other kind of IT support.

For more information on internet management systems, please check our website link Zero Effort Networking. You can also Email us at info@zen.net.au or Call us at 1300 93 94 95 and we will be happy to assist you!

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